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Winter Soldier - The Film

Winter Soldier Review

WCBS-TV Channel 2, New York City Broadcast , May 10, 1972
by Leonard Harris

It's what we in television news call talking heads...just people being interviewed and yet you are compelled to listen.

Because the talking heads are talking of atrocities...women and children being gunned down. Girls being raped; men being dropped from helicopters, prisoners being tortured; villages being burned. No, it's not Lidice and these are not veterans of the Wehrmacht. It is Vietnam and this is the Winter Soldier Investigation conducted by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, in the winter of 1971, in Detroit. These are GI's, 125 of them, Army, Marines, foot soldiers, pilots, officers, enlisted men, who got together to try and document what they had seen and performed in Vietnam. Sometimes the small incidents are the most gripping film.

Lots of long hair, beards, and they're against the war, you'd like to think the whole thing was rigged that these stories can't be true...but somehow you believe them.

Winter Soldier is an American version of the documentary The Sorrow and the Pity and for impact it rates five camera eyes. Don Rugoff, whose theaters both these films are at, has forgotten he's supposed to be our entertainer. I guess he's trying to be our conscience instead.


You will remember it for the rest of your life
Jeffrey Lyons, broadcast on WPIX

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