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Winter Soldier - The Film

Winter Soldier Review

Cue Magazine, May 13, 1972
Winter Soldier by Winterfilm reviewed by William Wolf

The memory of this documentary could well haunt you for life. A group of New York filmmakers, none of whom claim credits, went to Detroit last year to film Veterans Against the War hearings about Vietnam atrocities. Excerpts of candid testimony plus side interviews are crisply blended here, and punctuated with graphic newsreel footage and souvenir pictures from the GIs. The picture emerges of a steady, standard operating procedure of atrocities into which My Lai would fit like just another rampage. Those who shot the film kept the style simple. The repentant soldiers detail deeds that shake you up and are numbing in cumulative horror. Summed up one vet: "I didn't like being an animal and seeing everyone else turned into animals."


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Alfred Aronowitz, New York Post

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Vincent Canby, The New York Times

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