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Winter Soldier - The Film

Something 'Winter' this way comes

San Francisco Chronicle, September 1, 2005
Art House Circuit
by Jeffrey M. Anderson

As for today, the Roxie (3117 16th St. S.F.) opens another explosive documentary. "Winter Soldier" (1972) comes from the past, but it's amazingly relevant, and impossible to watch without thinking of current events. At a press conference, bearded soldiers with shaggy hair recently returned from Vietnam tell their harrowing stories of war atrocities and the process by which they allowed themselves to commit them. One soldier described himself and his colleagues as turning into animals. Upon returning to the U.S., these men found it difficult to reconcile the things they had seen and done. Take the most shocking scenes from "Full Metal Jacket," "Casualties of War" or any other Hollywood movie on Vietnam, and they become so much powdered sugar compared to what really happened.


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